“Rule”,INS Pavilion of Guangzhou International Design Week 2009

Design:Inspiration Studio

項目地點:廣東 廣州


Design Concept

Begin with the original space concept to arouse more attentions and approval to the original design from the society. We plan the whole process of “RULE” by the art technique to guide the mode of the human behavior. Floor, wall to the ceiling is covered with lines of different thickness to increase the visual effect. More importantly, they are also responsible for guiding the flow of people in the “RULE”. Inside it, the starting point is the end, the end is also the starting point. There was one way to walk through the space although the lines criss-cross. Rules won’t be changed by the sense of space. It looks like the magic cube when you enter step by step.



Won the Gold Award of Installation & Exhibition of Asia Pacific Interior Design Award 2010
Won the Design Top 10 Award of Public Space of Jintang Prize-China Interior Design Awards 2010
Won the Exhibition Design Award of Jinyang Award 2010

2010 亞太室內設計大獎“設施/展覽空間”金獎
2010 金堂奬-年度十佳公共空間設計大獎
2010 金羊奬-展覽空間設計大獎