Inspiration Group started from the Inspiration Studio which was founded in 2002. Now it has its fully owned branches: iDTEAM, and INTERPRETATION Studio. Inspiration Group is engaged in the large business complex design integrating the functions of leisure, entertainment, tourism, catering and so on. Oriented by the customer demands, INSG helps clients to create new lifestyles for users and interpret the form of diverse design concept – Publicity, Openness and Interestingness and effort to build commercial space design model. INSG highlights to improve the relationship of humans, environments and society. As an innovative team, ING commits to discover design methods which will be good to life and then create good will spaces, settling matters in our life.

湯物臣•肯文創意集團,始于2002年成立的湯物臣·肯文設計事務所(Inspiration Studio),包括旗下全資附屬子品牌點子室內設計(iDTEAM)、非釋空間美學機構( INTERPRETATION Studio)。 湯物臣•肯文專注於度假、娛樂、旅遊、餐飲等大型休閒體驗式商業空間設計研究,圍繞客戶的需求為導向,幫助客戶為使用者創造新的生活方式體驗,並以多元化設計語言詮釋「公共性、開放性、趣味性」三大設計理念,致力構建休閒商業空間設計典範。湯物臣•肯文具有創新基因,主張用設計解決社會當下存在的問題,思考人與人、人與環境、人與社會之間的關係,找到釋放生活善意的設計手法,創建善意空間,致力成為不斷改善生活理念的社會型企業。