Chang Ge KTV

Design:Inspiration Studio

Location:Zhengzhou, Henan
項目地點:河南 鄭州


Design Concept

Rubik’s Cube, the designers focused more on the “magic” rather than “shape”. Case Rubik’s Cube as a design concept, will be the physical elements of the cube and derivative reconstruction, creating a magical, changing the dream space, people place in them in the ongoing exploration fun.

The designers through the variation characteristics of the cube “magic” into space, so that the entire space is filled with infinite possibilities. Each space between the body mass intersect, phase Diego, the level of scattered in various combinations to form different spatial patterns, step a scene, full of changes. Designer to the diverse needs of the people’s hearts, or adventures or explore, or play, and placed in a square box, together with the layout of the form of the village form a visual attraction, scattered in the space among Walking in the villages, or close up, or through the private dining room windows overlooking the rich housing design sense, sight of the close-range, medium shot, the vision of the formation of multi-level alternate, or line, or stop, there are different views, full of imagination, just like living in dreamland. Each volume in the village for different people, are only their own memory point, the interaction of this people, people and space to let them experience to explore the true feelings.

The linkup between the body mass of each “cube” space lines, forming an invisible network of both independent and unified, so that the closer people. Magical space can fully arouse people’s curiosity of the heart, encourage them to continue to flow to explore, so the atmosphere of the active space, the whole KTV becomes a lively field of the Popular Party.





Won Restaurant & Bar Design Awards shortlist
Won the Excellence Award of Public Space Design of Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards 2012
Won Annual restaurant &Basr Space of the 10th “Modern Decoration” International Media Award
Won the Best Design Nomination Award of Entertainment Space of 2012 International Space Design of Award Idea-Tops
Won the Design Top 10 Award of Entertainment Space of Jintang Prize-China Interior Design Awards 2012
Won the Silver Award Entertainment Category of iC@ward International Interior Design 2011
Won the Best Design Award of Entertainment Space of‘Golden Beach’Award in the 7th Shanghai International Interior Design Festival

2014 入围Restaurant & Bar Design Awards(英国餐厅酒吧设计大奖)
2013 獲金堂獎-年度十大娛樂空間設計獎
2012 亞太室內設計雙年獎-最佳公共空間設計大獎
2012 第十屆現代裝飾國際傳媒獎-年度餐飲酒吧空間大獎
2012 年度國際空間設計大獎 艾特獎-最佳娛樂空間設計提名獎
2012 金堂獎-年度十佳娛樂空間設計大獎
2012 iC@ward金指環2011全球設計大獎“娛樂空間類別”銀獎
2012 獲第七屆上海國際室內設計節“金外灘獎”“最佳休閒娛樂空間”獎