Uncharted territory
未至之境 • 生长家


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攝影:黃早慧 Zaohui Huang

Design Concept

Strategy Backtracking


The product program is based on the use of experience and philosophical thinking in the home scene. It is a part of the common aspiration for a better life nowadays. The design of the co-branded cloakroom is based on a three-part reflection on the dynamics of design. The design of the co-branded cloakroom is based on a three-part process of thinking about the development of motivation:

  • 01 The Progression and Arrival of Strategic Brand Positioning
  • 02 The Evolutionary Path of Concepts and Philosophical Thinking
  • 03 The Blending of Physical and Emotional


Home is a space with strong emotional attributes; in the home space, than purely to meet the functional demands of the occupants, we hope to revisit the significance of life for people, put people’s self-feelings and needs in the first place, and we hope to conceptualize the possibilities of home furnishing products with a broader vision, and collide with new sparks.


We expect that in this common desire for a better life, to create a mode of life that is the best and the most beautiful, just as INS and Landbond Corten designer co-branded models this time, people who know how to live will meet each other in the end.


Many of the “great uses” in the world are derived from those seemingly useless things. Therefore, Zhuang Zi said: “What is useless is of great use.” Zhuang Zi has been promoting the great tenet of ‘Wu Wei’ all his life, and pointed out the uselessness of all useful things, turning action into thinking, and thinking into abstraction. Zhuangzi’s uselessness is a great use, and the beauty of uselessness is a great beauty.As Kant said, “Beauty is a pleasure without purpose


Behind a product, in addition to its practical function, it is indispensable to carry the emotional aesthetics. It is the blend of physical and emotional design that makes quality and comfort coexist with aesthetics. A home that is not specifically defined is a rational necessity and an emotional necessity.


The overall design concept is a “treasure box” concept, breaking the traditional use of the form, in the inherent products into the mobile living museum, to give consumers a step-by-step interactive experience.


When a consumer pushes the door open and enters the space and sees his or her own collection on display, it is not only a pleasure but also a demonstration of good taste.


The dark colors of the collection, such as dark woods, dark and orange leathers, together with metallic and monochromatic glass, provide a calm, solid and rugged texture.



Delicate and soft


The light colors of the collection, such as light wood, red quilting and camel-colored leather, in addition to metallic and water-grained glass, present an elegant, refined and soft atmosphere.



Meaning Construction


With the exhibition space as the premise background, the space project upholds the concepts of “serving space” and “serving life”, and will return to the origin to present the natural beauty of the brand and products, and follow the trajectory of people’s lives in the vertical and horizontal, to explore the possibilities of architecture and life.



Architecture Construction


Empowering the focus on brand identity and structural system expression to form a new experiential landscape. Enhance the interest of the space and strengthen the sense of experience and interactivity of the visitors.



Upward growth


Through the visual extension of the building, the exhibition hall gives the space a detailed interpretation that extends from the inside to the outside, allowing the space to flow freely and giving it a unique mysterious surprise and desire for exploration.


The wooden wall at the entrance of the exhibition hall completes the release of established concepts in a minimalist and regular deconstructive way, in order to express the sustainability and reinvention of the material’s origin.



Hidden and Blended in Space


Rethinking the relationship between home and space, using the space to deconstruct and reshape the complex functions, beyond the symbolic significance of the function itself, giving the space a unique and mysterious surprise.



Grow inside and out


Everything in nature has a living creature, and space architecture is no exception. Under the influence of connection with people, space grows across functional boundaries.



Uncharted territory


Rethink the relationship between space and people, always keep the desire to explore the unknown, and look for the uncharted territory of home design.



Design Fresh


Insisting on using design as a language, the brand is committed to deepening the dialogue between different perspectives, exploring the possibilities of growth, and giving the brand unlimited creative impetus.



Design is not purely to solve problems, it is more a reflection of feelings. We don’t just focus on the space itself, but also with the lifestyle and social aesthetics behind it. We observe, experience, and find the goodness and joy of life, and we present these collections of everyday feelings in our designs.


We look forward to LANDBOND CORTEN Co-Brand 2.0.


People who understand life will definitely meet


To Be Continued












策略回溯 Strategy Backtracking產品專案以家居場景下使用體驗和哲學性思考作為基點。從戰國時期道家學派莊子“無用之用,方為大用”的哲學思想下,載入時下人們對美好生活的共同嚮往中。美學邏輯從主體基點不斷變形,貫穿聯邦高登品牌工藝與質感語境。聯名款衣帽間的設計從三個部分展開思考動機發展:


01 品牌策略定位的遞進與抵達

02 觀念的進化路徑與哲學性思考

03 物理性與情感性的交融




「  生 活  在 別 處

        終  將 相 逢 」



01 品牌策略定位的遞進與抵達








「  無 用  之 用

    方  為 大 用 」


02 觀念的進化路徑與哲學性思考

世間許多“大用”,都是從那些看似無用的事體中衍生出來的。故莊子曰:“無用之用,方為大用” 莊子畢生推崇‘無為’的偉大信條,並且指出一切有用之物的無用,將行動化為思考,將思考化為抽象。莊子的無用之用是大用,無用之美是大美





「  理 性 上 的 實 用 之 外

            情 感 上 的 欲 罷 不 能 」


03 物理性與情感性的交融



移動生活館 Portable Living



月光寶盒 Moonlight Box



粗狂與堅固 Rough and Tough



精緻與柔軟 Delicate and soft



 Position | 項目地理位置






意义营造 Meaning Construction



構築營造 Architecture Construction



縱上生長 Upward growth





隱于空間,融于空間  Hidden and Blended in Space







「  意 象  之 外

                    有  意 外 之 象 」


生長家 Grow inside and out



未至之境 Uncharted territory


環形動線盡頭,為重點產品聯名款衣帽間提升儀式感和神秘感。象外之象 意外之韵。


設計新生 Design Fresh