New Rock World KTV

項目地點:中國 陕西省 西安市


Design Concept

Location of the project, Xi’an, is a tourist city, so this project should not only aim at natives or a certain age group. The question is whether we can find somewhere different from other KTVs, and can also be recognized and accepted. The inspiration of the design comes from nature. Since the natural appearance of caves, rocks, streams and trees of nature is familiar to us, the understanding and close relationship with which is what we are pursuing. The concept of natural appearance shows our hope that consumers can feel its fashion and the attractive essence of nature the moment when they get here.

The entrance lobby is the crowning touch of the project. The entrance feels fancy, just as the entrance of the grotto. The texture and the irregular geometric patterns are like the roots of the plants getting the ceiling and the wall together. Under the decoration of colorful light, it is enchanting.

The buffet tables are designed like the layers of the rocks by the designers. In fact they are layers of drawers, inside which can put tableware and kitchenware. Actually there are a lot of details to be concerned about in designing, including how to clean the gap of the pillar’s decoration and whether the cleaning brush can get into the gap.

Breaking with tradition and turning a negative in to a legend, we add something unstable in the square to activate the vision in this designing concept of hollow. Then the customers can feel the difference in different angles of the same place. We also make use of the slants to separate and vary the space.






  • Won the Finalist of Nightclub Bar or Lounge of Hospitality Design Awards 2012
  • Won the Best Design Award of Entertainment Space of International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 2010
  • Won the Spark Design & Architecture Award 2009 Finalist Winner & SparkChina Pioneer
  • Won the Design Award of the Ring iC@ Int’l Interior Design Award 2009
  • Won the Design Award of ‘Golden Beach’ Award in China International Construction & Interior Design Festival 2009
  • Won the Jinyang Award-the Top 100 Interior Design Team Award 2009
  • Won the Annual Award of the 7th Modern Decoration International Media Prize 2009
  • Won the Commercial Space Design Award of the 3rd Environmental Art Design Competition 2008
  • Won the Design Award of the 7th Chinese International Interior Biennial Award 2008
  • Won the Exhibition Award of ‘Ling Nan Cup’ 2008 from GDDA
  • Was edited in China as the only one Chinese Design in 2008
  • Won the Design Award of ‘Golden Beach’ Award in China International Construction & Interior Design Festival 2008
  • Won the Commercial Space Design Award of the CIID China Interior Design Award 2007
  • 2012 Hospitality Design Award(美國酒店空間設計大獎-夜總會/酒吧/酒廊類別設計大獎)
  • 2010 国际空间设计大奖“艾特奖”最佳娱乐空间设计奬
  • 2009 美国星火国际设计大奖
  • 2009 iC@ward-金指环全球室内设计大奖
  • 2009 《Interior Design》“金外滩”设计大奖
  • 2009 金羊奬-中国十大室内设计团队大奖
  • 2009 第七届现代装饰国际传媒大奖-餐馆/酒吧空间大奖
  • 2008 第三届广东环境艺术设计大赛商业空间设计大奖
  • 2008 第七届中国室内设计双年展设计大奖
  • 2008 “岭南杯”广东装饰行业设计作品展评大奖
  • 2008 以唯一中国作品入选《FRAME》China
  • 2008 《Interior Design》“金外滩”设计大奖
  • 2007 CIID中国室内设计大奖赛商业方案类设计大奖