Huanchengxiyuan Shopping Street, Xi'an, Shanxi

Design:Inspiration Studio

Location:Xi'an ,Shanxi
項目地點:陝西 西安


Design Concept

When overlooked the location of the project from high altitude, the high ancient city wall and the flowing moat are all caught in sight. Not far away is a common Municipal park and the old city in the waves of breeze shows its chilliness. When looked around in the center the location, only a single surface can display the place with a devious entrance. Therefore, it is a big challenge to develop a commercial street based on entertainment business in this place.

Considering the World Heritage Site is surrounded the location, the historic buildings with the unique feature masterly recombine the elements of the ancient buildings, making the spatial façade blends furthest together with the surroundings, e.g. the interlock of the ancient buildings added in the building highlights the ancient charm in the modern construction. Meanwhile, a series of glass boxes add some modern look for the landscape. The stairs of the plaza are changed from the up-and-down stairs on both sides to partly in-between two-level staircases, which can be served as grandstand as well as make the space wider and add more function.

The commercial street will provide a series of café, teahouse, bar and KTV. And the designers make a big breakthrough on the change of the dull and paralleled space, so the original straight lines now turn to jumping curves, the lower and upper space matching together and interpenetrating. The adoption of the connectivity of the stair and dooryard brings about the possibility of maximal flow for people in the lower space, increasing the operating advantage of the business.

On the one hand, the commercial street is grounded with special base because of the massive historical heritage. On the other, the changeable space demonstrates dynamic vitality to that heavy history.