Bucalu Window & Door Exhibition


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攝影:黃早慧 Zaohui Huang

Design Concept

On March 3, 2023, the four-day Guangzhou Design Week with the theme of “Love PASSION” kicked off at the three major exhibition halls. After the COVID-19, Guangzhou Design Week was held for the first time, and the audience ushered in explosive growth.


In the more than ten years of Guangzhou Design Week, we found that many showrooms were visually chaotic and even had nothing to do with their own brand, and could not convey the brand’s own philosophy. And there is a lack of overall experience and no exhibition orientation.


In response to the needs of the Bucalu showroom in this design week, We propose ” anti-traditional” and “differentiation”. With the theme of “The land of mystery” as the theme of space planning, create an immersive experience exhibition, showing not only products, but also the output of brand values, the discussion of products in the use of scenes, and the expression of space artistry.


When you open the door of the garden, the sunlight shines into the garden, bringing spring to the soul, and the flowers in the heart will finally full bloom; When you close the garden door, everything will silent for you, and all your little emotions will only flow between a few feet of you. Enjoying the moment of tranquility.


Through the reasonable planning of the space walkway, product display area, and landscape installation, we increased to a VIP reception area on the second floor, forming a relatively independent and private space. Form a moving experience line, allowing visitors to experience the showrooms with a desire to explore. As if you were in a secret garden.


Awe is born out of the sublimation of knowledge, of transcendence. Nature itself is fallible, the future is open, the system composed of man and nature is also changing, and every action we take will shape our nature – Gaia


The façade of the exhibition hall is made up of material installations that create a sense of being in a forest. Through this form of expression, a spatial landscape is created and the concept of environmental protection is reflected. Bucalu achieved 20 ~30 percent energy savings in ten years. Equivalent to planting 4 trees per household per year


In between means in breaking rules, definitions and concepts. Exploring the uncertain terrain of “in between” through art. Turning the intangible into the tangible, touching on the borders of the real and the virtual.


Physical:The design approach of large-scale architecture is introduced to immerse everyone through spatial composition, light and shadow creation, and virtual and real construction. It emphasises the brand’s diverse thinking on materials, space and habitat. This will inspire people to explore and participate.


Senses:The exhibition is a break from the traditional display style, emphasising the user experience and interactivity. The visitor’s experience includes light, shadow, landscape, smell, texture and sound. The brand’s performance characteristics are experienced through the senses. Strengthen the link between the exhibition hall and the brand


The significance of the boundary of a building is to give it spatial shape. And organise the experience inside and outside of the building. We should put people at the centre, light as a medium, rooted in the nature. Find the forest in the city together.


Beyond the borders of the buildings, there are forests and light.


「萬 物 皆 有 裂 痕 

那 是 光 照 進 來 的 地 方」










The Secret Garden x「 秘密花園   」






森林印象 x「 Forest Impressions 」






邊界之間 x「IN— BETWEEN」




物理邊界 :引入大型建築的設計手法,通過空間構成,光影營造,虛實建構的模式,讓大家沉浸其中,打造出一個既有封閉性同時又有開放性的滲透空間,強調出品牌對於材質、空間、人居環境的多種思考。從而激發人們的探索和參與的意願。