International Design Week Booth -- ON/OFF

Design:Inspiration Studio

項目地點:廣東 廣州


Design Concept

Creating a temporary exhibition space in the way of installing a theme exhibition is a new positioning of this Design Week. From the concept to the design effect, the exhibit is a new reformation on the three major design concepts: publicity, openness, and fun. From the exhibit design concept to the three-dimensional space, the exhibit expresses its concern on the mind and body, soul, space, society and the world. The space part is composed of three half-closed and half-open boxes. Create a visual illusion by using two-dimensional design in the three-dimensional space. Use the simplest kablon materials for the outside of the boxes to create an open and public space, in this way making the whole construction process from the concept to its practice lighter and more environment-friendly to arouse the design’s sense of social responsibility. The exhibition areas try the multimedia interactive experience design mode to interpret the theme of the exhibition through such ideology as images.

The cascade lines in the entrance of the exhibition hall and on the ceiling makes visitors’ vision constantly switch from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. It is as if walking through an endless corridor. The exhibition hall is enclosed with sunshine sheets and looks like an enclosed space. The semitransparent walls sometimes reveal the vague and misty images. The inner space of the exhibition hall looks as if fully enclosed, but in fact there is connection to the outside everywhere. Wherever looks like to you an exit to the outside, surprisingly you cannot find any door that can be opened. When you stand right in front of the exits, you simply cannot recognize it. That is the design concept of this exhibition.